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The national average sale time for a business is 8-12 months, but Horizon’s is 5-7 months due to our valuation approach and the marketing and advertising we do for our clients. Our team ensures that our clients feel knowledgeable, are treated fairly, and receive the best deal possible, whether they are a buyer or seller. We have relationships with lenders, lawyers, accountants and other advisers that can help every step of the way. We keep all communications confidential and follow a strict code of ethics set by the IBBA. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you obtain your goal in buying or selling a business. We look forward to working with you!


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  • We ensure that both the buyer and the seller feel knowledgeable, that they are treated fairly and receive the best deal possible in an appropriate amount of time
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  • We keep everything confidential by following the strict code of ethics set forth by the IBBA
  • We keep all communications confidential and guarantee the lowest brokerage fee
Our Mission for Sellers is to sell your business quickly and to get you the best market price possible. Our Mission for Buyers is to provide you with the perfect business opportunity through the many listings we have in various industries.