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Horizon Business Brokers offers our clients years of professionalism, experience, expertise, and knowledge in the process of buying a business. We keep everything confidential by following the strict code of ethics set forth by the IBBA. We specialize in the Washington, DC area and Mid-Atlantic region, but can help you purchase any business nationwide.

Horizon Business Brokers thinks it’s important to work closely with buyers; we will give you all the facts on the specific industry and business you wish to purchase, will ensure a seamless transaction, and smooth transition of ownership. Business brokers typically represent the seller in most sales and it really isn’t uncommon for a business broker to represent both the buyer and the seller through the sale, but we also offer representation specifically for buyers as well.

We represent buyers to purchase businesses we are currently advertising for sale, buyers just beginning their business search, and buyers that have already identified a business on their own. Horizon Business Brokers does often end up representing both the buyer and the seller through the sale process as we get each party comfortable with the fact that we take a very unbiased approach to the deal to make sure it gets completed. We understand if each party isn’t properly and fairly represented, being provided the necessary information needed at the appropriate time, with mutually agreeable and acceptable terms, and a fair sale price there won’t be a deal. Horizon Business Brokers work in representing the sale ensuring both parties are fully satisfied with every element of the transaction to have the outcome everyone wants, a successful sale that gets to settlement and a smooth transition!

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Buyers and Sellers will be represented under the same confidentiality with a fair and unbiased approach to ensure a mutually acceptable and beneficial sale. If you are not already represented by a broker please execute and return our Buyers Package (Confidentiality Agreement, Profile, and Financial Statement). If you can’t find a business in our current listings that meet your criteria we encourage you to check back as our listings are always being updated or Register as a Buyer and we will keep you informed of all business opportunities that might be of interest to you as they become available. We also offer Buyer Representation Engagements for motivated and qualified buyers where our team will go to work for you to find exactly what you are looking for in the marketplace. Please contact us to learn more about that specific process and fee structure.

To start the process of buying a business with Horizon Business Brokers you can take the steps below or contact us so we can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Step 1. Register as a Buyer

Registering as a buyer is the first step of the process to work with Horizon Business Brokers to find a business that meets your goals and interests. You will establish a username and password and provide your contact information. When registering as a buyer you can build search criteria for businesses that are of interest to you by selecting your annual cash flow needs, business industries and geographic locations that are of interest to you and setting your price range to complete your search.

If a business we are currently representing for sale or if we list a business that meets your criteria in the future you will receive a notification. To Register as a Buyer, click here.

Step 2. Complete our Buyers Package

(Confidentiality Agreement, Profile and Financial Statement). A buyer must sign a confidentiality agreement before any information is given out on a particular business to maintain the critical element of confidentiality. The Buyer Profile helps us understand your background, interests, and needs so we can be sure we help you purchase the right business that you will enjoy operating and be just as or more successful than the seller. The Financial Statement gathers your financial information on a very high level (we don’t ask for Social Security Numbers, Bank Names or Account Numbers), this allows us to determine your financial ability in terms of how much of a business you can afford to purchase and if you meet the qualifications of lenders, landlords, and franchises (if applicable). Upon receipt of your Buyers Package, we will review and approve or contact you for additional information. After approval we will send an email sharing 100% of the information available on our listings which will include the name, location, and financial information about the business. We will also make ourselves available to you to answer any questions or concerns you may have and discuss next steps.

Here is a snapshot of the typical process to buy a business, a full outline can be found on the Process Page for Buyers by clicking here.

Buyer’s Process

1. Initial Consultation
2. Complete Buyers Package
3. Outlining Business Interests & Opportunities
4. Identify Business Opportunities
5. Viewing Business Opportunities & Meeting with Sellers
6. Determining Interest
7. Offer to Purchase
8. Due Diligence
9. Assist in Resolving Any Issues
10. Establish Definitive Purchase Agreement
11. Finalize Funding
12. Settlement

Horizon Business Brokers understands that buyers need answers, advice and direction and they want choices before making a very important decision to purchase a business. We answer those questions, provide the clear path needed and offer those choices. Horizon Business Brokers has a network of small business lenders that offer financing, relationships with attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors to assist you through the entire process to make sure you are making the right decision. We are committed to making sure all buyers purchase a business that meets their goals and interests and are fully satisfied with the investment they are making. Buying a business is a process that is time-consuming and can be frustrating without a professional broker to guide you through it, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation to learn how Horizon Business Brokers can help you buy a business!


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