Sell A Business

Horizon Business Brokers offer our clients years of professionalism, experience, expertise, and knowledge in the process of selling businesses. We keep things confidential by following the strict code of ethics set forth by the IBBA in the Washington, DC area and Mid Atlantic region. We are well-trained professionals who are aware of your needs with one goal in mind, to sell your business for you.

We understand business owners concerns about selling their business. We provide you with answers to the basic questions all sellers will ask.

Deciding to sell a business is the easy part. How you go about selling it is another matter altogether. Setting a price, preparing to sell, advertising, negotiating with a prospective buyer, and a host of legal and financial details need to be addressed. We can provide you with the knowledge and experience needed to guide you through the selling process. We help you to maximize the value of your business when selling by showing its true earning capacity and potential.

Confidentiality is vitally important when working with any broker during the selling process. Horizon Brokers protect information about the business for sale from being presented to unqualified buyers. In addition, we require potential buyers to provide proof of their financial ability to acquire your business.

Business financing options are also available through our complete network of lenders to qualified buyers. Sellers get cash at settlement in many transactions.

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Sell A Business NewSquared CornersSeller’s Process

1. Meeting and Interview

2. Collect Data

3. Value the Business

4. List the Business

5. Market your Business

6. Interview Prospective Buyers

7. Showing the Business

8. Offer or Letter of Intent

9. Due Diligence

10. Settlement


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